Saturday, February 9, 2019

A Slider Valentines Card for a Challenge at Simon Says

Hello there!
Well it has been over three years since I have posted. It has been a long journey and I have come along way. I have moved into a condo on the river and enjoy watching the eagles as they search for food on these cold days. Sophie seems to like it here. She now has a brother Rudy. Sophie would have like to be an only cat but Rudy needed a good home and he stole my heart with his loud purr and crooked tail.

I wanted to post because I want to enter a challenge over at Simon Says Stamps. The challenge was for an Interactive Card. That got me motivated to make a Slider Valentine's Day card. I make some years ago and had to search around for how I made it. My directions were not the best so I am giving it another try. The original card idea came from Dawn at Dawn's Stamping Thoughts Oct 31, 2013.

Here is the card I made.

Here is a video

. I decorated with a Lawn Faun die I got from Simon Says Stamps.
Here are the measurements
Base and top card 4.24 X 5.5
Slider 3.25 X 4.75
Cut top card 
Line left side up at 3.5 cut from 3/4 down to 4 3/4
Flip and do the same to the other side
Then cut at the 4 3/4 line across to create a flap
Score the flap from edge of card 1 1/4", 3", 4 3/4"
Fold up, down, up
Punch notch at top of base and top card at top (not slider)
Glue or sew the slider to the flap lining up the bottom and have a little hanging over sides.
Then attach front to back along side and bottom.
Now decorate any way you want.

Let me know what you think.
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