Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Tree Real or Fake??

 December 4th my hubby and I cut down a pretty tree at the tree farm down the road. We had to brush off the snow because we got it in a snow storm. When we got home we put it in water right away.

The next day we let it sit and on the 6th we decorated it.
Here is the tree. I looks pretty good.  I don't know what kind it is but it dropped so many needles. I was ready to take it down two days before Christmas and put up a fake one. I took it down Dec. 28 and it sounded like it was raining. That is the earliest I ever took down my tree. Here is what it looked like under the tree.
This is one pile I swept up.

This is the first time I have had this kind of trouble with a real tree. I am thinking about getting a fake tree next year.  

Any advice?  I would love to hear from you. Do you have a fake tree or a real tree?


Staying Crafty said...

I have a fake tree and I love it! Actually I have 2, but some years I only put up one. I think they are so much easier to deal with. No allergy worries or having to find a new one every year. As a bonus, many of them come with the lights already as part of the tree, you can even get extra cool ones like color changing fiber optics.

Casey Wright said...

We've been doing a fake tree for the past 6 years. I decided after I completely ruined my vacuum (trying to pick up all of the needles on my carpet) that I was never going to do that again. I love the smell, but the mess is just too much to deal with! I feel your pain!

Lucky J said...

We have a fake tree. Bought it 10 years ago cheap. So it has paid for itself. However next year I want one with lights on it already. Miss the smell but we live in Hawaii right now and moving to Japan so real trees are expensive!

Dawn said...

I love a real tree, but we just cleaned ours up today and it was horrible! I just said to my honey how bad the needles were.
I have terrible allergies but take meds the whole time the tree is in the house.
Maybe it was a dry year for trees- I don't remember them being so dried