Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Bird Feeder in Action

Hi Everyone,
Well I am at the cabin and I hung my bird feeder. No birds yet but tonight my favorite visitor came. It is a very small flying squirrel. He is just the cutest little guy. Here are some  pictures I took through the dirty window.
His tail is very flat and silky looking.
In this picture you can see the web he has under his arm.
Check out those night vision eyes.

He is fun to watch through the window. I don't think I would what to get in his way outside. It would scare me quite bad if he jumped on me by mistake even if he is so tiny. My brain would think bat but this is not a bat at all.  Have you every seen a flying squirrel? I would love to hear about it. Here is a video I found that shows how they fly.

Thanks for stopping,


Kate said...

LOL! Cute but your totally right I would freak if that little fur ball jumped on me.


coldwaters2 said...

Brilliant photos and video Linda, he is so cute.
Lorraine x

Susan said...

How neat! I have never seen one of those little guys! We have big squirrels that come visit my bird feeder but they don't fly. I love watching them, they are just so cute! The flying ones have such big eyes! They must only come out at night? Thanks for sharing the pictures and video, I wish we had them here in Minnesota! Enjoy the cabin Linda!


ike said...

FABULOUS card - love that background paper and the gramaphone cut-out is super.
Your little squirrel is adorable
Ike xx

Enfys said...

Oh he is so cute, I have never seen a flying squirrel, read about them but never seen one, so thanks for posting this xx