Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sleep Over With Susan

This past weekend I was invited to a sleepover. Can you imagine 57 and going to a sleepover. Well it was kinda like I remembered. You don't sleep much. It was all about making cards. A great getaway for 30 people. We had a cake walk (without cakes) but with wonderful Stampin Up prizes. Everyone that attended made a shoe box filled with materials for 30 people to make their card. We were all greeted by our host Susan Gardner who is a real hoot. She calls it SOWS. I know it is because of the initials but we all bring junk food and eat like, well you know. There were some good treats on that table. We were each given a wonderful Stampin Up bag, a name plate and holder and cake walk tickets. Susan is so organized and she made sure everyone had a good time.
The cards were wonderful. I am going to show you them in three different post.

Here are the first ten that I have ready for my blog.

Aren't they wonderful?
I made all 30 cards in one evening. Some of the work was done for us. I just love that I have so many cards on hand and so many wonderful ideas. This last one is a set I just got and it holds a tea bag.
Let me know which card is you favorite in your comment.
I wish I could tell you the names of all the wonderful ladies who designed these cards but we were all so busy working and gabbing we didn't pay attentions to names. You should have seen the stamps, ink, scissors, paper and tape flying in that room Friday night.

Many thanks to Susan for all her hard work, to Linde for inviting me along, and Ann for driving me.

Thanks for stopping,

Remember to stop back for two more post on SOWS


Dawn said...

My favorite is the cupcake birthday one, love that set!
I just re-signed in again and found I am your 200th follower.
Nice to see you pop in again. Looks like you have been very busy having fun. I am so jealous of these great cards.
Look forward to the next 20.

Berenice R. said...

So beautiful cards! :)

xosparklesxo said...

I'm sure you had a blast! I know I would love to do something like that :) I think my favorite is the Spooky card because I'm in a Halloween mood and my fave color is purple.

Bev J. said...

I like 1 and 2, couldn't make up my mind. All are neat cards!

Susan (peebsmama) said...

A fun party and a great bunch of cards. Sounds like a great time. My fave is the second one. I like the flower images and the colors.

Karen said...

Wow - what a fun night! Thanks so much for posting all your great cards -- I loved each of them. :-)
Cheers, Karen
alteredsrapbooking dot com