Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sun DogPhotos

Hi I was just uploading some photos and I thought these were cool.
My hubby and I love to take hikes. Last Sunday we hiked up a big bluff over looking the WI River were we live.
Not sure how high up we are maybe 200 ft.

When I looked down this is what I saw. I thought is that a sun dog?
Photo of reflection in the water.

Sure enough when I looked up there it was.
Photo of the sky.
I thought is was so cool that I wanted to share. Little rainbows up above and in the water too.
I hope you enjoyed the pictures.
Thanks for stopping,


LeAnne said...

Very cool! I am not exactly sure what a sundog is, though, but the pictures are neat.

Curt in Carmel said...

These sun dog photos are wonderful. I see them occasionally here too, and they always remind me of comets or mini rainbows. And, of course, I love their name! LOL Great photos! Best, Curt