Monday, October 12, 2015

Hello Again!

Wow it has been a very busy summer. In late April my granddaughter and her parents moved in with us. They planned to stay 6 months and they did. I am so sad not to have my baby girl and her mom around . They were such great company when we were here. We spent a lot of time at the cottage this summer.
Here are two of my favorite pictures of Ava
The 3 of July with new shades

9 months old walking, No running, off with a wooden spoon she took from the dishwasher. She is so quick we don't let her out of our sight. 
Moving out day.
This was a sad day for me, but it is important for a young family to have there own place. We wanted to give them the chance to save some money and have a garden. Their garden was amazing. I never got the vegetables they did for that plot of land.

Now what have I been doing? Well working in a journal. Having fun in a Face Book group called Fauxbonichi Journaling group. I journal everyday. I don't take pictures of that but I share in a video once in a while. 
 There are about 70  videos on my You Tube channel since May. The latest is a Autumn Fun Book I made for a swap at Your Paper Pantry. 
Here is the video for this.

My craft room is finished but I haven't spent enough time there with running to the cottage most of the summer. If you would like to check it out here are Part1 and Part2 

Today we are at the cottage it is cold  (50) and raining. Yesterday it got to 81. That was so amazing. The colors were breath taking. 
I played around with a new header for my blog but I am not sure I have it just right. Most of the time I make my own but I just couldn't remember how so I used a Shabbyblogs one and added Sophie's picture. She has some beautiful headers for free.

That is it for now.  I hope you are all safe and enjoying the Autumn air and some very happy crafty times.




Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Have missed you!!!!!!!!!!! Your granddaughter is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!

SavedbyGrace said...

Hi Linda, Love your post and your new header :) Ava's little personality is so sweet, she's a cutie pie for sure :) I know you understand the meaning of "the sound of silence". I hope they didn't move too far away. Glad you gave Sophie top billing lol. I know she's a big help with all of your projects :) I would be thrilled to find one of her sweet little hairs glued into one of my tickets or cards lol !! I find my kitties' hair all the time on my work table in my craft room. I have to let her in there, I can't trust her to be in there by herself. So you might just find one of Frankie's hairs in my things.I always let her smell your ticket kits, I wonder if she smells Sophie. Cats can sometimes make us silly can't they. I love them. Thanks for sharing your life with us Linda. Iris,SavedbyGrace

CraftyPaws said...

Available is truly a ray of sunshine. I can imagine how much you miss that company. I wish them every success as they start their family life together in their own home. Glad to see you back blogging! :) TFS Big Hugs, Kristina

Lizzy Hill said...

Hullo hullo hullo!!! Good to see you back here! Loved catching up on your hews...never heard of the Fabo thingy until a GF mentioned it on the weekend.... so I'll have to check that out!!! Lovely that you got the chance to share with your grand girl like that. Such a SPECIAL time!!!!

LeAnne said...

Oh my goodness, I have missed you so much! So happy you got to spend some time with your kids and grandbaby!!! We have two guests at our house for an undetermined time too!!! Saving money IS the name of the game! Love your new header and so happy to see you back in blogland again! :D

coldwaters2 said...

OMG Linda it is awesome to see you back on blogland I have often popped by to see if you had come back to us. I love your pictures of Ava she is a little beauty so glad you had their company for so many months, hope to pop back often to your work that I have always loved so much just like this wonderful album.
lorraine x