Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Craft Room

Here is what my craft room looks like now. I love it. The sunlight is so nice and it is great to have a place for everything. Using the counter instead of a table was the best idea. I love all the space and I fill it all up every time I make a card. I still need to figure out how to keep track of my DP. I am trying to keep it by company. That seems to work for me.

Let me know what you think.

Thanks for stopping,


cjjb said...

You did it! I love your new craft space! You have so much working space. Way to go! (By the way, it's very weird hearing a familiar voice on YouTube!)

Sarah said...

WOW NICE!!! So much light..the most important thing I think. I have tons of space too and I always fill it up LOL..!

Anonymous said...

Hey Linda..It's Sarah L. Loved seeing your craft space..puts mine to shame:)

Sarah Anderson said...

I'm in the middle of sorting my craft room out, so it was very nice to pause and watch someone else's room! Especially one as organised as this. What a great place to play :)

coldwaters2 said...

Oh wow Linda your new craft space is amazing all that beautiful that craft stuff and all so is amazing I love it and wish I could have something even half as lovely as yours.

Lorraine x

Caryl P said...

Oh my Linda, I've got some major craft room envy!!! Is it always that neat??? Gorgeous place to craft, and I love the idea of using a countertop--the same one I have in my kitchen! You've got it organized quite well and it looks like you're ready to settle in and craft for a bit. Enjoy!

Seeing a lot of things in the video, we are like two peas in a pod---I love your taste in decor! That cabinet is gorgeous and I noticed some rocking chairs in the background too. I'm looking to get a few cute crates at yard sales this summer, we'll so how much luck I have.

Mandy said...

Hi Linda,
i love your crafting space. I especially love the making meories white carousel organiser - I must get one of those, and your big vintage cupboard with all your stamps in. Old things have so much character and I always wonder about their history. Don't stress about needing lessons - that's rubbish. No ne expects Hollywood editing. We just all like to have a sticky beak at what people are up to.