Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stop back later this week

Hi Everyone, I have so much to show you but it has to wait. I have a crazy week. We have our school program tonight, and tomorrow I hope to go to my favorite card class. AND... I forgot to bring my camera cord so I can’t up load the pictures of the cards from this past weekend that I wanted to show you.
Please, Please stop back later this week.
Thanks for stopping,


Dawn said...

How funny I was going to send an email asking how your class went, hoping you would share your cards.

LeAnne said...

Gosh, I was wondering where you were.....come back soon!

Emma said...
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My Creative Time said...

Hi Linda!
Thanks for visiting my blog!
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I usually create for about 3 hours every night after everybody goes to sleep! If you go to VK Design website, she has all of her pricing there! She is SOOO worth it!:)Keep in mind, she has a long waiting list! I waited 6 months before she got to me! But I AM VERY HAPPY w/the turnout!