Friday, March 30, 2012

Guess What?

I went out with a friend yesterday to find a new kitty. She knew all the best places because she just helped her daughter get her first "on her own" kitty. Then having a bad case of kitty envy she got a new kitty for herself. So she knew just what to do. Bonnie is the sweetest friend.
First we went to Mounds Pet Center and all they had were older cats and most were spoken for. Then we went to the Feral Cat Society and they just had two females and I wanted a male kitten.
Well at the first place I saw the adorable kitty carrier and Max hated the one I had so I thought this soft side one would be great. Maybe the kitty would like to ride in this.

Covered Pet Carrier in Hawaiian Flower

Yes I got the bag first. That way I knew I would get a new kitty. Isn't it adorable?

The last place we went way the Dane County Humane Society. It is a brand new facility and it is a wonderful place.  Well the first kitty was young and very frighten. She just got there and wouldn't be ready for a home until 4/4. Remember I wanted a male and a kitten. Well they didn't have any. So I asked to look at one more kitty.  They had named her Gueniviere and when she came in the room she just melted on my lap. Then she reached up an patted my chin. Well I was done in. We have renamed her Lucy.

They think she is about 2 but when I take her to the vet they will have a better idea. She is so sweet and pretty.
Lucy is 7 pounds and just seems like a little feather. At the shelter they spayed her, put a chip in her so if she gets lost. She was also given her shots and several test.
We had a 45 min ride in the car and she was so good. She she never made a sound.
Lucy has been checking out her new house and seems to like it very much. She has been at my side every since she got here. The reason I wanted a kitten is that I wanted to train them to like to ride in the car and not be afraid of the vacuum. Lucy has past both test. She is very laid back.

I will always miss my Max but it feels so good to be able to give another sweet little furry friend a good home.

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ike said...

Aaaaawww - she is just adorable. How wonderful Linda. :-) I am sure she will help fill some of the hole that is left and become a great new crafting buddy for you. She is soooo pretty. I know Max would approve. Many hugs my Friend :-D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

LeAnne said...

Oh my goodness, she is adorable! It almost makes me want another one, once Pumpkin goes! As for the bag....I don't know how big it is, but it's cute enough to use as a bag for yourself, LOL!!! Give her a cuddle for me & Cassidy!

kim.scrapper said...

Awww, it was Lucy's very lucky day. She has found a wonderful home where she will be loved and pampered, Max would be happy that you continue to share all that love with another furry friend. She is absolutely gorgeous Linda and she probably knows you could use a furry friend that will wiggle her way to your heart, I think she already has. I am so pleased for you, hugz

Becky Dunham said...

I am so glad you have a new furry friend! and she is beautiful! What a sweet baby she looks to be :) One of my cats looks quite similar to Llucy - we call her Sasha and she is very laid back too. I am very happy for you Sweetie!

Susan said...

Awww, Linda! What a sweetie! Yep, you had that natural connection with Lucy. Once she put her paw up to your chin the deal was sealed! Isn't it funny how things work out? You had your mind set on something and then just like that it can change! Little Lucy is very lucky to be in a home where she will have a lot of love, just as your Max did. ;)

The bag is very cute. I had one for my Katie cat and actually brought her on a flight with me once in it. She actually liked to be in it and if I left it on the floor open she would crawl in and take a nap. Enjoy your new fur baby!


Kate said...

Awwwww She is so Adorable. While I know you can never replace Max, I am so happy that you found Lucy to start some new fond memories with. Definitely enjoy the weekend.


jengd said...

She's gorgeous! SO glad you have another fuzzy child in your life. While she'll never replace Max, she'll have her own place. :)

Dawn's Craft Place said...

I am so happy for you and for Lucy!!!She is a beauty and so lucky to have you find her.
Enjoy your time getting to know each other.Hope you video her
Hugs sweetie

Sharon said...

Oh Linda I am so happy for you!!! What a gorgeous new cat & I love her new name (my youngest is Lucy!!)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Awwwwwwwwwww she is BEAUTIFUL!!! So happy you have a new baby!!

Happy Scrapping! said...

How sweet! A big welcome to Lucy! What a lucky little kitten to have gotten such a good and loving home. Sue

The Happy Stamper :) said...

HI Linda,
Aaaawwww... Lucy is beautiful & those eyes are GOJUS! Of course Max will always be in your heart, but your new friend is most grateful for a loving home too. WHat a fantabulous carrier, I need to get a new one. Enjoy your new furry friend, you are such a good momma!
Big Huggs,
Gale The Happy Stamper :)

Leikkaan Mervi said...

Oh cute cat!
How can I claim the ssds challenge prize?

Lesley said...

Such a sweet face, so happy for you Linda.

Jane Wetzel said...

Shes' adorable and I am so happy for you... :)

DEBBIE ORR said...

Congrats! She is beautiful!

Sherrie K. said...

Aaaaw, how wonderful for you! Lucy is adorable and so glad she found such a awesome home-lot's of love for sure! Congrats!
Sherrie K

Sandy Ang said...

She looks adorable ! My Bun Bun also loves riding in the car.

Alex said...

Lucy is beautiful! It sounds and looks like her forever home is perfect for her, and you :)

coldwaters2 said...

OMG Linda this is the best news I have heard in ages, whoopeee I am so thrilled that you have a new friend and Lucy looks so beautiful, I love the new banner with both Max and Lucy on they look great together, oh Linda I am really thrilled for you.
Love & hugs
Lorraine x