Sunday, April 15, 2012

CardSpiration Challenge 11

Hi we had a great visit with Gary's cousin but Lucy did not like the little dog they brought and took after her. The poor little dog was scared out of her wits and cried like a  lion was eating her tail. Lucy is a third of her size but ten times quicker.  It is not looking so good for us getting a dog when my hubby retires. Any suggestion?
Here is the video I made to go with my Merry Monday card and Card-Spiration Challenge 11

Thanks for stopping and watching my video,


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Oh poor Lucy :( I wish I had advice on that one.....

ike said...

Fabulous Chrimbo card - I LUV it xxxx
Oh Lucy was NOT impressed then with the dog !! LoL
I think it will be very difficult coz you got Lucy first. It is usually easier to have a dog and then get kitties. I had a Cavalier King Charles and he didn't mind kitties, but they always told him off and he was definitely 'bottom' of the pack LoL
Maybe if you get a small puppy, Lucy may be OK but I wouldn't bet on it !! :-D xxxx

Angi said...

Awww poor Lucy! Love your Merry Monday video!

Kate said...

So sorry but I was just laughing at your story because I can only image the chaos. I hope it gets better soon maybe she is just not used to it since she is just a baby.