Wednesday, January 22, 2014


It was a busy day. First the pool then social workers came to talk to us about getting some help with Mary's care. So I have a quick card for you. I used a picture from an old medical text book. It remind me of when I was first out of high school in 1971.  I went to a business college in downtown Milwaukee. The teacher in one of the classes had the woman walk up and down stairs with a book on our head. Then another day the teacher plucked one of our eyebrows and we had to do the other side the same. This was a time when we burned our bras and make up was not cool. Needless to say I finished the first 9 weeks and headed off to college. My motivation for higher education was more about not getting up at 5 am and not doing silly things like walking up the stairs with a book on my head.
Here is my RCAD 22
Here is the video telling what is did.

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I remember when girls used to do that with the books! LOL!!!! I think Marcia on the Brady Bunch did a few times! HA!! I loveeeeee your card! So fun!!!!!

Kate said...

Pretty, love the textures.

Sharon said...

Love this one!!