Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Most Amazing Class

Hi, I have been a very busy girl. Last week I went to three amazing card making classes. Then my best friend went to the hospital and ended up having surgery for a blockage between her large and small intestine. She is doing better but please keep her in your prayers.
I made these cards last Wednesday at the very talented Sara Woodard’s class in New Lisbon, WI. She is the most amazing card maker. She is a director for the Angel Company. Sara gave me three books and catalogues. They are full of idea and inspiration. Sara lives about two hours away so I won’t be able to attend as many Wednesday night classes as I would like. I went with two new friends who are also wonderful card makers. They both are teaching me a lot of tricks and tips.
I can't say for sure the names of all the materials I used for these cards but if you are interested email me and I will find out.
I know the pictures don't show how really special these cards are but take my word for it these are the best I have every made. Thanks to Sara!


Caryl P said...

These are beautiful cards, you certainly have been busy! I'm jealous of all your energy and time you have to devote to cardmaking. This school year is wiping me out and I have zero time lately!!! Keep the inspiration coming......

Sarah said...

Ohhhh these are beautiful....You can tell from the photo they are something special. Lucky you!

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

well you definitely have been busy! these are gorgeous! and prayers for your friend.