Saturday, August 21, 2010

Look What I Caught

 I mentioned that I was at our cabin this weekend and if you have followed me you know the cabin is all about fishing. Well, I do love to fish when... the mosquitoes aren't biting, a..n..d the weather is nice, a...n...d the fish will bite. Well that was today. So I went out on the lake in an old row boat and look what I caught..
Isn't he a beauty? It was my second cast. Sad part is that is the only fish I caught today. I guess it is a good thing. He would be hard to beat. 
I had a great time watching the Osprey on it nest. It is too late for babies but by all the noise and flying around you would have thought there were babies in the nest. A month ago we saw the babies stick their heads up. I couldn't see them today.
Here is what I was watching.
It was so interesting to watch. Our cabin is on two lakes. This lake is called Red Bass and it has the Osprey. The other lake were the cabin sits has the Eagle and Loons. 
Well I hope you enjoy my nature break.
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Michele said...

Holy cow that is one big fish! My husband and son are the fishermen in the've just put them to shame I think! LOL!

Noemi Noesmi said...

that´s a great largemouth bass !!
Congratulations !!!
Regards from Spain