Thursday, August 13, 2009

From the North Woods

No cards to post today. Just a pretty water flower picture I took from my kayak. I have been spending a lot of time on the water. The only trouble is I am getting very tan... on one side.
I am also trying to add a signature to my post. Caryl at Stamps and Stitches sent me the direction so I thought I would try.


Patricia Garcia said...

Pretty picture Linda! Enjoy your day!!

cjjb said...

Howdy! I have your CTMH order. We made the tri-fold card, a cute little box, and random stamped a white bag all with the stamp of the month set. It turned out really cute but I had MAJOR issues folding that tri-fold card. I needed Heather to help me :) I will drop off your bag of goodies at school tomorrow so look for it there (not sure if I will try to put it in your mailbox or leave it in your classroom). You may have to search for it depending how devious I am feeling at the moment. Hope you are enjoying the kayaking! Carrie

Caryl P said...

Beautiful pic Linda! The signature looks great too....enjoy the water and being tan while you can school will be in session soon!