Monday, March 29, 2010

First Day of Sping Brake

I think I am still recovering from three late nights is a row last week. That is just my way of saying I am feeling lazy. It is so nice not to "have" to get up and run all day. I had a nice long lunch with some girl friends today. Then we came back to my house for desert. The lunch was planned but the desert was a last minute thing I thought of this morning. So, when I got out of bed I had to bake and clean. Not my two favorite things to do. I really don't entertain much because of those two reasons. I also made the little paper cake in the picture as party favors. That was the part I really liked doing. I had the little cake shapes cut out but I needed to fill them and decorate them. I think they are cute and the girls really liked them. Only two friends came over. One friend had her two little children and lunch was enough for them. The other lunch friends are in warm places. I think these boxes could be made to look like carrots for Easter. I'll have to try that.
The two cards are from the class I went to last week at the fabulous Sara Woodard's house. I always come home with the most beautiful cards from her classes. She is a director with the Angel Company and she has wonderful ideas. These two cards have a lot of detail. We made two of each and it took us over two hours but they really are beautiful. The inside has white paper and is punched with a MS boarder punch. I didn't take a picture of the inside, sorry.

That's it for my first day of spring break. I have a feeling this week is going to go very fast.
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Dawn said...

Look how adorable you are! Love the cake creation and those cards are wonderful.Enjoy your vacation.
By the way two of my favs are baking and cleaning/organizing! LOL

Holly said...

Wonderful staging for your card photos, and your cards are so sweet!

LeAnne said...

Wow, this looks like fun---your cake is adorable. BUT I LOVE YOUR VINTAGE ROOSTER TOY!!!!!!! That is sooooo cute! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! (Can you tell I love old vintage toys?) Enjoy your spring break!!

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Love, love, love those card! I've seen cake boxes, but I've never thought of making them into carrots for Easter. What a great idea! Cute new background! :)

Tineke said...

What a nice cards!! And love the cake boxes I get hungry when I see them :)Happy Easter Linda.
Hugs from Spain =)