Thursday, May 3, 2012


Lucy is one amazing Kitty.  She would eat her food and act like she was starving. Then Sunday when I was still gone she stopped eating all the food in her dish. My husband saw some holes in the new food bag and thought she might be getting in to it. 

He put the bag in the cupboard. 
I called him at work and asked what happened to the new bag of food. He told me were he had put the new bag. When I found it there was a big hole in it and food all over the pots and pans. I should have taken a picture of that.
See the big hole ^

So I decided to watch Lucy and see how she severed herself.
Now she is one very smart little Kitty.  I may have to get locks for my cupboards. LOL 
Good thing she only likes cat food. 

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susan said...

Yep! They can be very smart! I had one that used to open a cabinet and then go and sleep in the punch bowl. Guess he really wanted privacy! Hehehe!

jengd said...

"Gee Mom! I hear all of the other parents complaining that their kids don't do anything for themselves. I was just trying to be helpful and self-sufficient."

Dawn's Craft Place said...

oh my word she is a funny one- they are so creative aren't they?
I adopted a shelter cat and I always find they are never full, I think if they didn't eat right away they didn't food so that stays with them.
Thanks for sharing

ike said...

LoL - they are so funny aren't they. My kitties will do that too if I am not careful. I definitely agree that with Shelter kitties, they are always precious about their food.
Give her a hug from me :-D xxx

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

OMYGOSH!!!! That kitty is one smart kitty!!!!! I loved watching her trying to get the food!!!!

Kate said...

LOL Too Cute.

Becky Dunham said...

What a sweet video Linda! Lucy is so cute. I have to tell you about a cat we had when we were newlyweds. His name was Mittens. He had an extra claw like a thumb so he looked like he had mittens on. He would play fetch with tinfoil balls and if it landed in a shoe or something, he would just reach in with his "hand" and get it out and throw it back at us. One day I came home from work and the freezer door was open and there was a package of meat on the floor partially thawed and eaten! I didn't have a video but I know he climbed up on top of the fridge and worked that freezer door open so he could get a treat for himself and Sugar our other cat. I caught him trying to do it again another time. We had to put something on top of the fridge so he could not climb up there! Cats are amazing creatures :)

coldwaters2 said...

She is definitely one very smart kitty, Linda, lol, what a little treasure you have in Lucy.
Lorraine x

LeAnne said...

Oh my, she is very smart & imaginative! I'll bet this will not be the last trick she'll try!! Looking forward to seeing what else she gets into!

Natasha said...

Now I'm going to have to be extra careful with our cat, Winter. I actually keep her food in a tupperware container. If she can get that open, I'd be shocked. Thanks for sharing the video!

kim.scrapper said...

Awww, that video was so cute. Lucy is a very smart kitty, tfs