Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Father's Day Gifts

I spent the past week working on these two father's day gifts. One for my husband and one for my father- in-law. I designed them on my Gypsy and cut them out on my Cricut. I have been watching the videos over at Creations with Christian. She make the most lovely books and I just had to give it a try.

This first book is for my father-in-law. For this first book I used cereal boxes for the base cardboard and covered it with DW baby girl paper. I didn't keep track of what products I was using. Sorry, I could look it up if you really want to know.

This is a view of the inside. It looks like you can still read Cora when it is open but you can't. The pictures are from our trip to Montana.

This second book is for my husband even though he said he is not my father and I don't need to give him a gift. I think he needs this on his desk at work.

I brought home a big stack of cardboard from comsumable books thinking I would use it to make books and that is what I used for this second book. I think it is a little small for making books with the letters at the bottom.

I really enjoyed making these. I have some ideas for another one.
As you can tell both books are all about cute little Cora. I hope Granddad and Great Granddad like their gifts.

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Holly said...

oh they are absolutely delightful and I'm sure they will love them!

LeAnne said...

So sweet! EVERYONE will like them!! What a precious way to preserve memories!

Dawn said...

Aww how adorable, she is such a cutee.I bet they will love these gifts with her.