Wednesday, June 9, 2010

First Day as a Retired Teacher

I don't think it has really hit yet. It was so nice the past week getting rid of junk and all the wonderful things people were saying to me. Having the summer off feels the same.This is the first one I won't be taking a class for school. I am going to find classes on card making and blog design. I do feel a sense of ease.

I made this card a week ago as a thank you for a friend who loves shoes and purses. I used my Gypsy to create it. At the time I was making it for a red, white and blue challenge but that came and went. I welded the shoe so it is on the front and back. I was going to leave it like that but I couldn't get the Thank you to look right on it. Now if I win some of those Cri-Kits jel pens at Round the World with CRI-Kits Blog Hop..... at Scrappy-go-Lucky I could write Thanks You on the foot. I would love to win those pens but this is the best blog hop ever. You go to a different country each day. All the post are from people around the world. I feel like I am on a wonderful trip. And of course there are prizes. I used a gliter jel pen (by hand) for the sole and the stitching. I lined the inside and punched one end with a MS punch. I didn't take that picture of that or the card open so you could see the back but I really like this card so I will be making more and I will show you the rest next time.
Well, so far today I walked an hour, did two loads of wash, planted the deck planters, read my email, and posted this card. Now I have to clean, go to the store and make a card. Boy being retired is fun. I can get so much done. Tehee Tehee!
Have a great one!
Thanks for stopping,


Holly said...

I'm sure it will take a while to feel it's real Linda, but congratulations to you! It sounds like you have a lot of fun things planned!
Your card is so cute, and how nice to make a card so personalized for a friend!

Dawn said...

Congratulations you made it! I know it hasn't set in yet hopefully by then you will be having so much fun you won't notice. I bet you will be posting much more.

Enfys said...

Hi Linda, huge congrats on your retirement, enjoy it, I LOVE not going to work, and it helps so much if you have a hobby. Good luck with the SGL blog hop,
big hugs
En xx

Cara Larose said...

I agree with Holly. Retirement takes a while to fully sink in. Consider it as a moment to change your pace, from a working life to a retired life. 'Course, you should keep active. Change your pace, but find ways to spend your newfound free time to stay healthy and active.